Bed & Breakfast Migliardi Reggio Calabria
Our brand includes three bed & breakfast located in the most prestigious of the historic center of Reggio Calabria, a few steps from Piazza Italythe Palace of Government , Provincial and Municipal , the TeatroComunale "F. Cilea" , Villa Genoese Zerbi, Home to major art exhibitions, from Corso Garibaldi, the main artery of the city for strolling and shopping street and the Marina with its beautiful waterfront and its beautiful beaches. The residence Absolute and B&B L'Attico are part of the same old building, three floors, with exterior architecture of absolute value, recently lovingly restored in its ornaments and its original columns, with important lobby with lift, adjacent to the "Tapis Roulant" and close the University for Foreigners "Dante Alighieri". The guest house Miraglia 19 is opposite the Post Office and at the Palazzo Zani, now houses the Faculty of Law, two blocks from the other structures. We are therefore able to accommodate large groups for events and / or events: cultural, sports, conferences, theater, etc. ...
Welcome to Rc - Reggio Calabria - Via Tripepi 149 e Via Miraglia 19 - P.IVA: 02638890802 - 89100 Reggio Calabria tel +39.320.5643251 - +39.327.5490680
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